Tailored Online Plans

Do you have a specific goal in mind? Gain muscle? Tone up for an event? Improve your health? We will accommodate your specific goals, creating a bespoke work out programme to ensure we will not only successfully improve your health and stamina, but get the results you want.

Personal Training

With one-on-one private tuition throughout, we will tailor an effective, varied and progressive workout programme using the most up-to-the-minute training methods, all geared toward improving your overall health and wellness.

Nutrition Plans

Which is more important, nutrition or exercise? The answer is actually neither. Many people believe that exercising alone is enough to achieve their health and fitness goals, but that is not the case. A well-balanced diet and exercise programme together are as important as one another. We offer nutritional and dietary advice on food prepping, and meal plans based on your lifestyle and what you are looking to achieve from your training programme.

One to One Support

We provide you with not only the highest quality personal training expertise and advice but also support you throughout your journey. We all have times where we ’slip’ into our old habits, and we are here to support you when you do, making sure you get back on track to fulfil your goals and aspirations as soon as you are ready.

Body Co Will Help You Each Step Of The Way

Siobhan’s qualifications include Level 4 in Personal Training and CrossFit Level 1 certification. Her knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology, flexibility and range of motion enables her to work effectively to achieve goals. Whether it be muscle gain, weight loss, strength and conditioning or general nutritional advice, Siobhan is the support and motivation you require to succeed on the path to living a happy and healthy balanced life.