I am a friendly, passionate and goal driven coach with a passion for exercise, well being and above all helping people.

I have worked in the fitness industry for almost 10 years now, you name it I’ve done it!

From gym management to personal training out of both commercial and independent gyms, I have taught an array of group exercise classes from body pump to Zumba and from insanity to yoga, and coaching CrossFit to large groups of men and women.

My skills range from a background in dancing, horse riding, CrossFit, gymnastics and weightlifting. Just as I have found a passion for all things fitness I truly believe that others can do the same and ultimately gain body confidence, not just in how they look but in how they feel and in what their bodies are capable of.

My career highlight has to be the creation of BodSquad, my wonderful group of online and face to face clients.

BodyCo has allowed me to create a tribe or, a better word, a “squad” of like minded, positive and encouraging people who share and overcome the same problems we all do when it comes to improving our health and fitness. It’s this support network that makes BodyCo truly invaluable.

I pride myself on my approachability and capability to help others achieve their goals no matter what their gender, age or gym experience.

Empathetic and encouraging, I love guiding my clients, both online and face to face, to help achieve their goals through a bespoke programme of exercise and nutrition, and I would love to do the same for you too!

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