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I can’t imagine life without BodyCo, a fantastic network of supportive and encouraging people who I can count as friends.  The new app is easy to use and really useful to help you track your nutrition and workouts, with videos to help with technique when you’re not quite sure if you’re doing it right and can’t make a class.

Being a member of Bodyco is like having an extra little family. The service provided through the training app and Siobahn is excellent. The app is completely user friendly with specific workouts tailored to your needs available, I also asked for a couple of HIIT sessions and Siobahn added these on for me. As well as training sessions, the app also allows you to upload your food diaries and provides nutritional information daily. I cannot recommend the programme enough.

Siobhan, I can’t thank you enough. xx


In two weeks with Siobhan I have lost 2cm off my hips and waist, without ever once feeling like I have been losing out.  She focuses on your overall health with encouragement to spend time on your physical and mental well-being.  For the first time in a long time I feel in control about my food choices and how that fits with my goals.  Siobhan and our whole group are so supportive, there’s never any judgement just support and encouragement.

If you’re looking to make a change to how you feel about yourself I can’t recommend joining Body co enough.
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The gym used to feel so demotivating and off putting, especially on your own. Joining BodyCo has given me a new outlook on fitness, especially working out as a group. It’s an encouraging, motivating and positive group to be a part of. Siobhan is extremely knowledgeable and I trust her no end, very glad to have found this place.


BodyCo isn’t just your regular PT, it’s a lifestyle and a community. It’s a group of people pushing you, supporting you to be the best version of yourself.
Joining the BodyCo community was the best decision I ever made; not only has my physical health improved by also my mental health. The training app is so easy to use, and gives you accountability in owning your own successes. It has provided so much support with training and nutritional information, and I couldn’t recommend Siobhan enough!


BodyCo has completely changed the way I feel towards exercise and food. I look forward to attending the classes and catching up with people on similar journeys. The app provided helps to keep me accountable for my nutrition and is super easy to use. If I miss a class I can catch up up with the workout on the app. I would 100% recommend BodyCo it’s a great support network and community! Best thing I ever joined.


BodyCo is miles ahead of any other personal training platform I know of. The app is modern but user friendly and the workouts can be scaled to your own level of fitness. The workouts can be done at home or in the gym and there are always options to do them with or without equipment. My favourite thing about BodyCo is the support network!


Being relatively new to exercise, the body co app has been amazing. Having a video to show how to complete each move has been so useful. I also love the way the app takes you through the whole workout, from warm up to cool down using built in timers. It also has options for you to choose your weights and amount of reps making it really personal. Being told you’ve lifted 171 corgi’s at the end of your workout – bonus! Joining the body co family – best thing I’ve ever done.

sophie dees
Sophie Dees

After recently moving to Manchester, I was looking for a new gym. I was recommended Siobhan at BodyCo, and I have to say she does not disapoint. It’s a fully inclusive fitness training group, with great workouts, social activities and team. Siobhan is without a doubt the best personal trainer I have worked with. In such a short space of time, my body shape and fitness have changed and she is a great motivator, I’m looking forward to the next year with BodyCo BodSquad


Siobhan is an amazing personal trainer as well as a great person. She pushes me harder towards my goals and expects a lot from me which keeps me motivated and goal oriented. I’m proud to say I’ve been a long-term client of the Body Co. Also, I absolutely love the Everfit app, it has a big variety of exercises to choose from and it tracks and times your exercises for you.

BodyCo is the best gym community I’ve ever been a member of, Siobhan is the most positive coach who has transformed my fitness and confidence! I couldn’t live without it now!

Thanks shiv! You’re amazing!


I’ve have trained for many years however after my 2nd child, my back wouldn’t allow me to do it anymore. I had some physio and decided to ease back in. My friend recommended Siobhan and so I signed up Jan 2021 but feeling a little nervous due to my back. It was the best thing I’ve done. Siobhan is a real inspiration and motivates you to always push yourself that bit more. She has taken her time with me and adapted to what I needed to build strength in my back. I am feeling better than ever, more energy eating great food and tracking calories with ease.

I honestly look forward to our session both class and PT’s.
Cant thank  her enough, so what are you waiting for 😃

I reached out to Sib after meeting her from running a hit class at my old gym! She was so supportive and Inspiring, isn’t about shakes or any of the unsustainable diets but provides you with a thorough plan to support you on your journey! I signed up to a remote PT plan along with the classes she ran as it suited my schedule best, since then I moved away to London and have rejoined the virtual workouts to get us through this strange time! Would definitely recommend x
The BodyCo app is so simple to use and the BodyCo community is always there to answer any questions. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket 24/7 without the expense.

I started training with Siobhan with a short term goal of getting in ‘great shape’ for my wedding. Four years on I am still a member of Bodyco and it is the best decision I ever made. Siobhan helped me stay fit and healthy throughout pregnancy and guided me through a safe post-natal return to exercise and I genuinely don’t think I have ever been fitter. I love the sense of community that she has created and all the people I have met through Bodyco, at all fitness levels and from all walks of life, who have become genuine friends. Siobhan isn’t just a PT, she provides nutritional info, meal plans, recipe cards and I have learnt so much from her about the benefits of exercise on both mental and physical health. The app and live online workouts have enabled me to carry on training throughout lockdown which has been a lifeline in these crazy times. I genuinely feel like I would be list without my BodyCo family!